Big time craigslist scammer busted

Redwood City woman charged with Internet scams, credit card fraud:

Apparently craigslist has become the internet home of scammers everywhere. This time it’s a woman by the name of Claudia Lindhorst who also uses the aliases Leni Campbell and Claudia Becker. She’s been arrested and charged with identity theft, grand theft, burglary and forgery.

In the most recent incidents, Lindhorst allegedly posted craigslist ads offering to sell airline tickets, which were sometimes purchased with stolen credit card numbers, Gouldson said. Customers paid cash for the tickets.

“For some people, it actually worked,” Gouldson said, and they got on their flights without incident. But other customers would show up at the airport and discover their tickets had been canceled.

She had been convicted of forgery and identity theft in her native Germany and was apparently fleeing warrants when she came to the United States about a year ago, authorities said. Since then, she has allegedly scammed people in Florida, Texas and California.

I guess the old saying applies here. If you see something on craigslist that’s too good to be true it probably is.

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