Oakland craigslist rape

Police: Oakland Student Raped, Attacker Met Online:

You know while all the soccer moms and do gooders are ranting and raving about MySpace, craigslist keeps sneaking in under the radar…

(AP) OAKLAND An Alameda man is under arrest for allegedly raping a graduate student who answered a classified ad on a popular Web site.

Police say a 31-year-old student at Mills College in Oakland was raped Thursday night after answering an ad on Craigslist offering modelling jobs.

49-year-old Gregory Hayes was picked up by police Friday morning after the woman spotted him at a gas station near campus.

Police say the woman sent her alleged attacker e-mails and talked to him on the phone before he arrived at her on-campus residence claiming he had a gun and raped her in his van.

Hayes asked for a lawyer after his arrest and refused to talk to investigators. Police are investigating whether he met other women on Craigslist.

At least MySpace is making attempts to keep their userbase safe. Craigslist doesn’t do anything.

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  • craigslist is a cesspool hiding behind first amendment rights and denial of responsibility for they, their network publishes because “someone else wrote the copy”, or “hatched the plot”

    I shut down my own site that let anyone say anything years ago before myspace and YouTube were around because I just did not feel it was right, not knowing what may transpire as a result.

    Damn, at the time I was not thinking about the money I could have made!

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