‘Tis the season to get robbed on craigslist


Is anyone else besides me starting to notice a pattern here?

Fremont police hope to take a pair of would-be entrepreneurs into custody for using the popular classifieds Web site Craigslist for a robbery ruse, police reported today.

An unidentified victim answered an ad on the Web site for a 46-inch television on Wednesday. The sellers brought the television over to his house on Grimmer Blvd. and immediately set it up to prove that it worked, according to Fremont police.

The victim told police he went straight to the bank to take out $2,000 to purchase the television. When he came back, however, the suspects attacked him with mace and took the money and the television.

Yet you never hear of any proposed legislation for the safety of craigslist users. I wonder why that is.

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  • Goddam, why do morons have to ruin stuff? I always try to meet CL people at a neutral location, never my house. If they do ask I just telll them I live in the next township over. Sometimes I go so far as to use a fake name (embarrasing when you forget that gave them a fake name).

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