People in glass houses

Craigslist exec strives to keep the Internet neutral:

Jim Buckmaster is the CEO of craigslist. He’s concerned about Net Neutrality. Basically proponents of Net Neutrality want the government to step in and prevent ISP’s from creating tiered levels of service with the premium priced tier providing faster service to highly trafficked websites. Personally I’d prefer the government to stay out of the internet but that’s neither here nor there.

Mr. Buckmaster would like the government to get involved.

I guess I would say I’m cautiously optimistic that lawmakers will do the right thing, although it seems in a lot of cases that these things get decided according to who puts forward the most lobbying and the most campaign contributions, he said. Since the phone companies have played this game for decades, they certainly have an advantage there.

Mr. Buckmaster should be careful in invoking the name of our government and should be more concerned with cleaning up his own house. MySpace has already felt the wrath of state and federal governments due to the controversy that surrounds it. With craigslist’s reputation for drug dealing, prostitution, robberies, and assaults it’s only a matter of time before someone in the government decides to regulate craigslist.

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