craigslist crackdown

Craigslist Turns to Police, Community to Fight ‘Spamvertising’:

It seems that craiglist is finally getting serious about people who are abusing the site’s service. It’s not drug dealers. It’s not prostitutes or sexual predators. It’s advertisers…

Craigslist is serious about cracking down on advertisers that are breaking the site’s rules: It has added new tools to allow community members to flag offending posts, and it has enlisted the aid of the police and ISP-tracking services.

Craigslist has been inundated with “professional marketers” trying to circumvent the classified ad site’s rules and market products and services to the community, ClickZ reports. The problem has become so rampant that coders are creating software that automatically creates listings, and others are writing books aimed at helping marketers sell on Craigslist.

Way to clean up your act craigslist.

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