Memphis discovers craigslist sex ads

Selling Sex Online:

It seems that the Memphis media has heard about craigslist hookers. In their blistering expose they inform a local busybody about the existence of craigslist prostitution and of course he’s outraged about it. The article even goes so far as to call the people placing ads “perverts”…

One Memphis man said he would make a generous offer to a mother and daughter who would have sex with him.

Some perverts bold enough to post their phone number on their ad. We responded anonymously to a couple of the ads and got responses back within five minutes.

All in all this article is quite humorous for its naivety but this part I found kind of disturbing…

We sent an email to the CEO of Craigslist to ask why these ads are allowed on the website when it clearly states in their terms of use pornographic pictures or messages are not allowed on the site. Jim Buckmaster never emailed us back.

So if it’s against craigslist’s TOS why do they allow it to continue?

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  • I can’t believe people were stupid enough to put up their phone numbers for all to see. How much more ignorant could you be? Thats disgusting. I wonder why he wouldn’t respond? Thats very suspicious I think.

  • Well I can not say that I think it is a good idea to put your phone number on here, or to even hook . However, you have to be 18 or over. What is the differance in someone hooking up on here or a website that costs a fortune, because if people think that everyone on E-Harmony and those sites are just looking for “love”, then I think there are some pretty naive people on here. To those people, I was wondering if you might be interested in purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge from me. Please, grow up.

  • I recall the mayor here in Memphis made an early attempt to curb this and the accompanying drug & gang activity, but quickly got distracted by political business-as-usual (not the oldest biz, but stuff about as redeeming for the community). No matter. How would he have been able to scrape away the hookers, sexually insecure males, and psycho-sexual undesirables when they moved the trading online? The internet is the city that never sleeps. Let them follow their instincts, the results will help chlorinate the gene pool.

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