Ex-US Weekly editor busted on craigslist

Fmr. US Weekly Editor Tried to Have Sex With Minor:

You just never know what’s lurking in people’s closets.

A former US Weekly editor was sentenced to six years in prison for using the Internet to try to have sex with a 13-year-old girl. Federal prosecutors say Timothy McDarrah responded to an FBI posting on “Craigslist” offering to pay $200 for sex with a minor.

The FBI says McDarrah asked “What it’ll cost for the cutest white 14-year-old girl with a pony tail in the whole 8th grade?” Investigators say he later communicated with 13 year-old “Julie” wanting to provide her with “sex lessons.” The 45 year-old writers was convicted back in December after an eight day trial.

You’d think a journalist would have better instincts than that. Oh well, one more pedophile behind bars.

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