Unlocking iPhones? Banned. Prostitution? Still ok

Craigslist Users Crack Down on IPhone Unlockers:

Now let’s see. It seems that craigslist has no problem with prostitution and drugs being sold on their site. However advertising your services to unlock Apple’s iPhone seems taboo.

This morning, we told you about Jef, an iPhone unlocker in New York who was selling his services on Craigslist over the weekend. After Jef saw his posts selling a quick iPhone unlock procedure flagged and removed from the site, he decided to offer the service for a trade rather than cash. See “Brooklynite Offers IPhone Unlocking In Exchange for Free Bagels.”

Jef’s “trade me” post was then flagged and removed. So, he wrote another post offering the same service for free, only to see that one also flagged and removed by the community.

Most of the posters are being flagged as scalpers or spammers. There’s nothing in Craigslist’s Terms of Use which says you can’t sell unlocking services. There’s also nothing stating that you can’t offer an unlocked phone at a premium price. But look at the FAQ and you’ll see that reselling for a premium is considered scalping, an activity which might get you flagged.

Want some hookers and blow? No problem we have all sorts of selections. Want an iPhone unlocked? Nope, sorry can’t help you. That’s illegal. Craigslist really is the Bizarro World of the internet.

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