More on craigslist trafficking

Web driving human trafficking:

Our favorite website has been mentioned in the same breath as human trafficking once again.

There was a human trafficking conference in Minnesota and this is what someone in the know had to say.

Heather Weyker, a 10-year veteran of the St. Paul Police Department had this to say.

“We’re on Craig’s List constantly, looking for girls who look young,” Weyker said at the conference, describing the popular online classifieds site. “They always have captors. How many 13-year-old girls think, ‘Hey, I think I’ll put myself on Craig’s List.”‘

And this is what you’re supporting when you use a craigslist or any other kind of prostitute.

They don’t have the option to quit their “work” without suffering physical or sexual punishment, conference participants said. They can’t even walk out the door unaccompanied by one of their captors.

“We’re not just talking about illegal aliens or about people who are disadvantaged,” said U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose. “These are also girls from the suburbs. It can affect anyone.”

Victimless crime my ass.

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