Busting the safety myth

As hookers move from streets to Net, cops follow:

For those of you who think that prostitutes are safer on craigslist than they are on the streets I present you this quote…

Some prostitutes believe they’re safer advertising on Web sites, but they’re not, said Julie, a former prostitute who asked that her last name not be used. When Julie began using the Internet for prostitution about two years ago, she tried to screen her customers, but responding to one led to her being raped and robbed, she said.

“People can tell you anything on the Internet and they do,” said Julie, who is 23 and became a prostitute at 17. “What better place to get a woman if you want to do something to her? I would meet these guys and no one else would see them. At least if I was on the street, other people would be around and see me get into a car or something.”

Not that craigslist cares. I think their mouthpiece has a macro button that just spits out the following…

“Craigslist is a user-moderated site, and our users flag off ads that they feel are inappropriate for the craigslist community,” Susan MacTavish Best said in a statement. “Users are really speedy about flagging off problematic ads, and we’ve found that to be the most efficient and fastest way to get such ads off the site.”

And again I say that your normal craigslist users who use it as a city-wide garage sale aren’t going into the erotic services section. And the people who are sure as hell aren’t going to flag any ads.

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