MN woman killed after responding to craigslist ad

Online nanny ad ends in slaying:

The employment ads on craigslist used to be the only trustworthy part of their site. They’re the only paid ads on the site. Those days are now over.

Katherine Ann Olson was a 24-year-old from Minneapolis who had used craigslist many times before to find nanny jobs. It seemed that the last one she answered was no different. That was until her body was found in the trunk of her car Friday night. She had responded to an ad looking for a nanny that she thought was placed by a married couple in Savage, MN. The ad was actually placed by a 19-year-old man who police believe is her killer.

Police aren’t releasing the suspect’s name or how Katherine Ann Olson was murdered. The suspect must be one sick SOB to take a paid ad out on craigslist just to kill an innocent woman.

I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Being the expert blogger that he is Steve Huff has a more detailed post and the name of the suspect which is Michael John Anderson.

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  • And that’s why you’re the man.

    I wonder if he was stupid enough to use his real info to take out the ad.

  • I had to weed through every inmate on the Scott County Jail roster until it was patently obvious it was him. Then I cross-referenced the stated block and street where police were investigating one of their 3 crime scenes and a property owner there had the same last name. Then I double-checked the Minneapolis Craig’s List, and sure enough, someone had posted the guy’s jail listing there earlier this evening.

    The guy just wanted to kill someone, I’m thinking.

  • He is the man all right. But I bet you could give him a run for his money. Not that we compete or anything. There’s no competition actually. There’s Steve. Then there’s everybody else. 🙂

  • I looked like crazy for the ad, but I’d bet he went and deleted it after he [allegedly] killed her.

    And he has such an every day name it’s hard to find info on him that is conclusively about him. I did find a somewhat creepy MySpace profile for a Mike Anderson of nearly the right age in the same area, but it wasn’t solid enough for me to publish.

  • Man, I would love to see Steve in action as he sleuths the web. I have my own collection of links and search gadgets, but I would love to see Steve’s bookmarks. And his methodology is impeccable too.

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