Craig himself on the murder of Katherine Ann Olson

Charges expected Tuesday in Craigslist killing:

Craig Newmark, the founder of craigslist, had the following to say about the murder of Katherine Ann Olson.

The founder of believes that Olson’s death is the first killing ever linked to the website.

“I can’t recall a single case like it,” Craig Newmark told KARE 11 News. “This is the worst that I can recall.”

“I’d just like to express my condolences,” Newmark said by phone from California Sunday. “This is a real tragedy and we’re more eager than ever to help deal with the bad guy.”

Newmark says Craigslist works closely with authorities to investigate crimes tied to the website. Those crimes include identity theft cases, scams, robberies and sex crimes.

Does he not see anything wrong with the fact that these crimes are happening on his website?

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  • Show me where I said I blame him.

    Craigslist has an obvious crime problem and they’re only willing to help after the crime is committed. They nothing to stop the crime from happening in the first place.

    If you met your boyfriend on craigslist I hope you did a criminal background check first.

  • So..just exactly what would you suggest Craig do? Seriously..this isn’t his fault. People have to be cautious and smart about who they talk to online. Everything about this particular ad was legit..Craig had nothing to do with this.

    No one here in Minnesota is blaming him. We are smart enough to realize that this predator would have done this no matter what vehicle was used to lure his victim. Same with MySpace. This is the way life is now people….get with it or fall behind. THERE ARE PREDATORS OUT THERE!

    Just like they are in our schools, churches, congress..

    I personally would like to thank Craig for my new new bookcase…my new walking partner..and my new boyfriend.

  • “Does he not see anything wrong with the fact that these crimes are happening on his website?”

    Like I said…what would you like him to do? Take down his site? How much responsibility is he supposed to take? People have been committing crimes through want ads since the dawn of time. Never once have I heard anything against a newspaper for any personal ads that were placed with bad intentions. And throughout history..there are many.

    (Of course I was able to do a back ground check on my boyfriend.

    In this day and age you have to. He’ll be signing a prenup too)

  • The anonymity that craigslist provides is just a breeding ground for crime. With most newspaper ads you had to give them your personal information.

    I’m sure the amount of crime committed via newspaper ads is a great deal less than that of craigslist.

  • I have seen the good and bad in Craigslist. I have sold some of my children’s toys and have bought a bicycle there. I also once purchased tickets to a sporting event and was told at halftime of the event that the tickets were reported stolen. I thought I had been careful in meeting the seller at a public place and making sure the tickets were legit, but I still got taken. The bottom line is you can never be too carefull when dealing with people online.

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