Katherine Ann Olson and Donna Jou

Craigslist users wary after killing of baby-sitter:

Susan MacTavish Best of craigslist had the following to say about the murder of Katherine Ann Olson

“We were shocked and saddened to hear of this terrible tragedy, and our deepest sympathies are with the victim’s family and friends,” said Susan MacTavish Best, a spokeswoman for craigslist, an international network of online communities that features free classified advertising.

Best said there’s never been a homicide linked to craigslist since it was founded 12 years ago.

“Assuming the craigslist link is confirmed, this would be the first time,” Best said, referring to Olson’s death.

Best said craigslist officials work with law enforcement whenever they receive a request, but she wouldn’t comment specifically about their involvement in the Olson investigation.

I bet you think I’m going to rip her again but I’m not. Unlike when defending the erotic services section Ms. MacTavish-Best did not use this as an opportunity to tout how great craigslist is. However this may not be the first craigslist murder. In a sort of twisted backwards way but with no disrespect meant towards anyone involved there is still the matter of Donna Jou.

Donna Jou went missing in July and was last seen leaving on a date with a guy by the name of John Burgess that she met on craigslist. Unfortunately as of yet she has not been found and even less unfortunately police are unable to charge Burgess with anything due to lack of evidence. However it’s entirely possible that Donna Jou may be the first craigslist murder.

Now you may thing that there’s a difference between answering a personal ad and a job ad on craigslist. There is but only slightly. Predators don’t usually use job ads to attract victims but it’s not unheard of.

This past July I posted a story about a woman who was approached sexually by a man she thought was a prospective employer.

I guess what I’m saying is that since criminal elements lurk in the rest of craigslist it was only a matter of time before they seeped into the employment ads as well. So no matter what kind of ad you’re placing or responding to on craigslist it doesn’t hut to be overly cautious. The old saying holds true here, just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Be careful out there.

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  • Susan MacTavish Best is really full of it. In the wake of news about how Craigslist was used to perpetrate a bloody homicide, a rational person would cease the continual bleat about how Craigslist is an “online community.”

    Clue for the Clueless: A real community is one in which there is full COMMUNICIATION. A bunch of text (i.e. the internet) is NOT full communication. There is no tone of voice, no voice inflection, no cadence, no body language, and no facial expressions.

    The idea that the internet creates “community” is laughable and tragic. In a real community, people cannot commit anonymous crimes. Ms. Best ought to be ashamed of her false advertising.

  • Craigslist should be PedoList….as in Pedophiles.

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