California craigslist rapist

Police seek rape clues:

Let me preface this by saying that this was sent to me by a professional escort.

Anaheim police arrested Waymon Livingston, 24, of Stanton, charging him with murder and raping three women.

The murder charge includes a special circumstance for rape, authorities said.

Authorities believe he could be connected to other assaults and are appealing to the public to step forward with information.

One woman was raped Aug. 21, 2005 in an Anaheim parking lot, police said. Then another woman was raped in a Stanton hotel room Oct. 25, 2006. The Costa Mesa assault happened May 7, according to authorities.

Livingston contacted a masseuse through Craigslist for a private session at the Best Western on Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa Sgt. Bryan Glass said. During the session, Livingston propositioned the woman for sex and she refused.

Livingston allegedly strangled the woman until she passed out, Glass said. When she woke up hours later she went to Fountain Valley Hospital, Glass said.

“We collected DNA from her person and crime scene and turned it into the crime lab,” but investigators didn’t make the connection until months later, Glass said.

After Livingston was arrested in connection with the three rapes, investigators were able to link him to the Sept. 9 slaying in Anaheim of Melissa Ann Gonzalez, 21, of Sacramento, through DNA evidence, authorities said.

Like I’ve pointed out before, there’s immense danger lurking on both sides of the craigslist erotic services section.

Let me wrap this up with what the escort sent me in her e-mail.


i thought you might be interested in this link for your blog. Recently apprehended, this guy was targeting working girls in Orange County California and one of his methods in finding them was though craigslist (he had others).

this guy attacked many other girls who are not listed in the article and it personally touched my life.

Stay safe out there ladies.

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