Police need help with attacker

Police search for more victims of alleged Craigslist attacker:

Oregon police are looking to the public’s help in the case against 52-year-old Ronald M. Leistiko. He’s the Tigard, Oregon man accused of luring girls and women to his house via craigslist and raping them.

Investigators say Leistiko targeted escorts and strippers he met on Craigslist. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 35, police said.

He’s charged with assaulting three women, but an undercover officer believes there are likely dozens more who are afraid to call police.

Police say they won’t charge admitted prostitutes if they come forward to report they were raped.

Anyone who may have information or possible involvement is urged to contact either Portland Police Bureau Detective C. Waddell at (503) 823-0697 or Officer M. Burkeen at (503) 823-0424.

In addition, callers can also contact Tigard Police Detective Kevin Dresser at (503) 718-2576.

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  • Anyone know what type of con this guy ran?

    I found this today while roaming CL. Not believeing it is this guy all the way in Maryland. It still seemed sick to me, and I am pretty Open minded when ot comes to sex.

    I of course FLAGGED since they “Claim” no one flags over there and this is why this stuff if on there.

    I did not follow links but the teenage girls and Brutal and rough sex sent red flags to me anyway.


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