Woman attacked by man in purple cape

Masker attacks Covington woman:

40-year-old Lawrence Goldstein of New Orleans has been arrested on charges attempted rape, false imprisonment and possession of nitrous oxide.

Apparently Mr. Goldstein contacted a 26-year-old woman from Covington, La. who was house sitting claiming he had too many people staying at his house for Mardi Gras and asked if he could stay there. The woman amazingly agreed stating that he was only allowed there for sleep. Did I mention she had her 6-month-old baby with her?

Anyway Goldstein showed up at the house in a purple top hat, a large purple cape, a purple satin shirt, pink body paint, and glitter.

And then it got weird…

The woman told police that Goldstein forced her to inhale nitrous oxide and smoke marijuana with him, West said. He then became aggressive and attacked her, ripping off some of her clothes, West said.

The woman fought him off and ran outside about 3:30 a.m., where she was able to call police on a cell phone, West said. The woman left the baby inside, but the infant was unharmed, West said.

When officers arrived, they found Goldstein in the house clad only in trousers and with a bag full of whips, chains, a sex toy and handcuffs, West said. The officers also discovered a canister that the woman told them contained nitrous oxide. She told police they had smoked all of Goldstein’s marijuana, West said.

Yeah, ‘forced’ her to smoke all of his weed.

Anyway what does this story have to do with anything?

The woman told police she met Goldstein after posting a classified ad selling a baby stroller on Craigslist, a Web site.

The people on craigslist never cease to amaze me.

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