craigslist protitution in Charlottesville

Looking Into The World Of Online Prostitution In Charlottesville:

This is a great story from WCAV in Charlottesville, Virginia about craigslist prostitution in their area. I realize it was probably done for ratings sweep’s week but it’s still a great story nonetheless.

They interviewed a craigslist prostitute over the phone. Here’s just a sample of what really caught my attention…

Mark: Do you have any kids?

Alecia: uh huh.

Mark: What do you tell them when you’re leaving the house?

Alecia: I’m going to work. I do what I do right now so that they won’t have to.

Yep, no victims there.

But what was even more shocking to me was the police department’s’ response to this.

We contacted Albemarle County and Charlottesville Police to get their reaction. Albemarle County Police say they were unaware of the website and would look in to it. Charlottesville Police said they would get back to us.

What rock are they living under?

craigslist had its usual response…

Craigslist does ban illegal activity in their terms of use. After contacting them they say they do everything they can to prevent anything illegal on their website but it’s impossible to review each of the more than 30 million free postings submitted each month.

Translation: We don’t care.

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