NC prostitute killed affter meeting man on craigslist


Warrants: Victim met suspected killer online:

51-year-old Bernard George Lamp of Troutman, North Carolina is accused of killing alleged prostitute Bonnie Lou Irvine of Cornelius, North Carolina. The two met over craigslist where Irvine had placed an ad.

She also directed him to pictures of herself posted on a different Web site that authorities say is popular with men seeking prostitutes, the search warrants said.

And here’s where it gets weird…

Lamp was arrested after sheriff’s deputies stopped him driving Irvine’s 2001 Volvo on March 14, said Iredell sheriff’s Capt. Darren Campbell. Authorities then found Irvine’s body buried at Lamp’s girlfriend’s home in Troutman.

According to search warrants, Lamp also met the girlfriend on Craigslist.

And it doesn’t end there. Lamp was on probation for the attempted rape of another prostitute that happened at a truck stop on I-77 in Troutman.

Is the money so great in prostitution that these women are willing to risk their lives each tome they meet with a john? I doubt it is at a truck stop.

UPDATE: I guess the money is that great. Check out the video from a local news station and see some of the houses these local call girls lived in.

UPDATE 2/22/2014: Lamp was sentenced to death for Ms. Irvine’s murder.

The last person to be executed in North Carolina was Samuel Russell Flippen. He was executed in 2006 for the blunt force trauma death of his 2-year-old stepdaughter in 1994.

UPDATE 5/30/2016: Lamp died earlier today of natural causes. He probably died more peacefully than he deserved or afforded his victim.

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  • That was my aunt that was killed you fucking fagot. She wasn’t a prostitute! I hope the same thing happens to someone in your family and then you see online were her name is slandered you mother fucker!

    • Just saw the George Lamp story and I’m so sorry to hear how this monster took her life…My Condolences these women don’t need to be on Craigslist for jobs or anything…

  • I aplogize for being upset. Forget the media, whether it is paper or TV, so much of what they are saying about the case is untrue. If you ever have to deal with them, remember this case, because I promise you there will be so many mistakes in what they say. I’ve seen it happen to others and now our family is experiencing it first hand. Hopefully when the truth comes out, it will show who she really was.

  • I’m sorry. I know you’re pretty angry over what happened and personally I’d like to see Lamp get the death penalty. However if you have an issue with the way your aunt is being portrayed you may want to take it up with the Observer.

    • Or the television shows! I just watched Web of lies and was shocked to see a show that was about someone from our neighborhood. I wasn’t even aware of the crime until watching the show but, it did in fact have people who claim to have 1st hand knowledge. They said that the lady was a prostitute!

  • No apology necessary. Since I live in Charlotte I’ll be keeping a close eye on this story.

  • she was a sweet girl and I loved her. There is no reason to slander her name. She’s been thru enough.

  • she was a sweet girl and I loved her. There is no reason to slander her name. She’s been thru enough.

  • There was never a person that met Bonnie that didn’t think the world of her. She was a great person and all the bad publicity in the world will never change how her friends felt about her. She will be missed greatly. Under the radar of all the bad publicity is a person that was highly educated and accomplished alot with her life. I hope one day her family and friends will be able to share with everyone the person she was.

  • I knew Bonnie for almost 25 years. She was my friend &amp I loved her very much. She was loving, caring, &amp a sweet person. She owned her own businesses, put herself through college, &amp would help anyone in need. To have known her was to love her. God Bless her family! We will miss her deeply.

  • Bonnie deserves to be remembered for the kind, intelligent &amp lovely woman that she was. God Bless her and her family.

  • I can’t believe such a sick animal lived on my road I hope that muthafucka burn in hell sick son of a bitch I hope an inmate shank yo ass sorry ass-hole.

  • I knew Bonnie when she lived here in Atlanta off North Peachtree Road. She owned a Gorrins Sandwich Shop for a while, and fell on hard times. She was doing prostitution on the side to be able to pay her employee’s, and her bills. When her sister died she moved to NC to take care of her sisters daughter, and that had its share of problems, where things turned for the worst. Bonnie often stayed with me here in Atlanta when she would come in town looking to make extra money. I just found this information on the Web since I had not heard from her in a number of years, when I seen that the media spoke of her Volvo, I knew it was her. I will pray for you Bonnie.

  • People die everyday of the week. Some die in sex acts. Why not outlaw sex altogeather except for procreation? There is the famous case of a women in NYC murdered by her date. Why not outlaw dating? It causes alot of problems for law enforcement.

    Then there are drug dealers who kill each other. This is also problematic for drug dealers. Why not outlaw loitering?

    Then there are athletic deaths. Another problem for authorities. Why not outlaw dangerous sports like skiing, diving, race car driving, boxing?

    Why not make us all slaves? It seems to be headed in that direction. I was in Vietnam a year ago and I asked a person how they liked their government. He said, “we our not free.” I said, “you are free to work”. In my country it is the same. You are free to work. What is the difference? Not much.

  • It is so sad that people use the Internet to find manipulate, use and murder innocent people. Makes me sick and I hope he was put to death as Ms. Irvine deserves justice served so her family can have closure and know that he cannot do it again to anyone. So glad the lady on tv found out before it was too late. He was an evil man for sure.

  • Whether or not Ms Irvine was an escort….she still did not deserve to die.

    • What this innocent lady did to support herself is irrelevant. Mr Lamb is a predator. I heard about him on a TV show “Web of Lies.” There would always have been a next victim as long as he was free. I didn’t like the ‘blame the victim’ tone of this article. I know that prostitution is illegal. I am also aware that most ‘prostitutes’ do not just choose this line of work – and they are victimized at every opportunity. Rest In Peace, Bonnie Lou Irvine.

  • why dont we legalize prostitution so they don’t have to meet their clients in dangerous places?

  • The problem is that you focused on the fact that she may or may not have been a prostitute. The focus should have been that she was murdered. People need to stop judging people and stay in their lane.

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