Va. attorney arrested in craigslist child prostitution sting

Attorney Arrested for Answering Child Sex Ad:

29-year-old attorney Adam Bryant has been arrested in a craigslist undercover sting where undercover detectives placed an ad on craigslist from a father that was offering his 13-year-old daughter for sex. Bryant offered $1000 and was arrested when he arrived at the predetermined meeting place.

Investigators are also saying that Bryant has been in contact with child prostitutes since 2006.

How is this a victimless crime again?

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  • Not surprising. A lot of law students and lawyers have criminal backgrounds.Sadly, we are doomed as a society. Seems most men in this country cannot handle a real adult woman and are hell-bent on raping little girls as much as possible and blaming it on a bad childhood. Any man who does this deserves the chair.

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