craigslist CEO reacts to Conn. AG

Dipping once again into the well of craigslist’s ugly ass blog we come across this missive from craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster about Conn. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

While I think AG Blumentahl is out of his ever lovin’ mind I do want to take Mr. Buckmaster to task for a quote in his post.

Unlike the telephone yellow pages, many newspapers, and countless websites, which for many years have profited from “erotic service” ads, craigslist derives no revenue (let alone profit) from “erotic services”, and in fact we incur significant costs in enforcing our terms of use regarding these ads.

It’s not about the cash Jim. It’s about the anonymity. Newspapers, phone books, etc can easily trace back to their clients if need be. On the other hand you can not. It’s not just about the erotic services either, at least not with me. The anonymity of craigslist provides all types of criminals to prey upon the law-abiding users of craigslist.

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  • I think that it is very wrong the games that these law enforcement agencies are playing.

    The women and men on craigslist are consenting adults attempting to meet for various reasons. Where are the parents of these kids that are there. If they are homeless or w/o parents, find them a safe place. You can not ruin legal adult acts because careless parents are not handling their responsibilities. If the police are posing as kids you never know a kid could be responding. That’s entrapment. Cook co. need to worry about they crime rate. Thats why that officer was shot in the middle of the night alone cuz his fellow officers were on craigs list playing child porn roles.

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