The victimless crime in Milwaukee

Craigslist child sex ads lead to arrests:

A 15-year-old runaway girl from Onalaska, Wisconsin was found in Milwaukee prostituting herself on craigslist.

Milwaukee police found that girl’s ad on Craigslist offering oral sex and other acts. She also was advertised as working with another female whose age was not listed in the warrant. Like the 16-year-old, detectives found the Onalaska girl at the Port Motel.

Around that time, 33 advertisements on Craigslist offered prostitution in the Milwaukee area, about half of them from the 15-year-old girl, the warrant indicates.

Police arrested an unnamed 21-year-old male who posted the ads on craigslist for her.

But there’s no victims here right?

Our favorite craigslist mouthpiece had this to say…

“Our hearts go out to the victim and their family, and there is nothing more gut-wrenching to our staff than to hear Craigslist has been abused to exploit children,” said Susan MacTavish Best of Craigslist.

Riiiiiight. If your gut is that wrenched why does the erotic services section still exist?

craigslist, the home of lip service.

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  • I’m sorry but I have very little sympathy for this 15 yr. She knew what she was doing. I just feel sorry for her parents. They raised a Whore plain and simple. I know a couple of runaways and the last thing they was thinking was selling themselves to men for money. She’s just a dumbass.

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