craigslist child prostitution in the Bay Area

Technology helps fuel ‘pimping’ of young girls:

This is a very powerful article about a case of child prostitution in the Bay Area that was in part facilitated by craigslist.

I would do the story and its author a great injustice if I tried to either quote or summarize the story. That’s how good I think it is.

For those of you who think that child prostitution is not happening on craigslist you need to read this article.

And again for those of you that think prostitution is a victimless crime you need to read this article.

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  • Therapeutic sexual favors may just be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

    So which one are you the middle aged woman or the guy who needs therapeutic sexual favors?

  • YES children being lured /forced/drugged/pimped into prostitution is WRONG very WRONG. But Middle aged woman who is offering theraputic sexual favors for adult men who need them, behind closed doors in the privacy of thier own homes without placing rude photos or sexually exslicit text ads up where kids might see them, is NOT A VICTIM NOR ANY OTHER KIND OF CRIME. At least speak the truth

  • Yes CHILD prostitution is a crime that does optain a victim!I feel like the world just need to let it be and tax the people who.They need to request from them test every month.They must go to te doctor for regular check ups!

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