Victimless in Vallejo

Mother, Son Accused Of Pimping 15-Year Old Girl. Girl Allegedly Pimped Out To More Than 1200 Men:

37-year-old Lavern Vaughn and her son, 20-year-old Lavor Carter, of Vallejo, California have been arrested for pimping out a 15-year-old girl. The pair posted almost 700 ads on craigslist pimping the girl out in Northern California.

The victim couldn’t just leave either…

The federal indictment alleges carter would whip her with a belt and plastic rod, burn her with a lighter, or strike her. She reportedly tried to leave Carter on multiple occasions, but he told her that if she left, she would not leave alive.

In the same indictment, Carter allegedly duct taped the minor to a chair inside an apartment and left her there for 12 hours. Other accusations include pouring boiling water on her leg and chest, and locking her in a garage all night long.

If this story couldn’t be any sicker read what the suspects’ relative said when confronted by the media…

We asked Gail Vaughn, mother and grandmother of the woman and young man arrested by FBI agents, if they were really pimping out a young girl. “No,” she said. “The girl they’re accused of pimping [isn’t] a kid. She’s 16 and has a two-year old daughter.”

But she’s still a minor under the law. “Yeah, but we didn’t know that.”

Who the hell doesn’t know that minors are under 18 and why is that supposed to make a difference?

And that’s right I said victim. You can take your victimless crime and shove it.

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