Ga. craigslist rapist has HIV

Police: Craigslist Rapist Has HIV:

DeKalb County police in Georgia have arrested 18-year-old Allen Jamar McDowell of Decatur, Georgia for raping two women that he met through craigslist. The article infers that McDowell is also HIV positive.

Detectives say Allen Jamar McDowell of Decatur convinced two women on separate occasions to meet him at an apartment off Kensington Road. The apartment was vacant, but McDowell allegedly gained access and held the women captive while he sexually assaulted them.

Take away the anonymity of craigslist and I doubt this coward would have even struck.

Police think there may have been more victims.

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  • None of these charges are true the boy doesn’t even have HIV or AIDS and one of the girls he had been dating and the other is her friend

  • How do you know? The police aren’t going to charge with with knowingly exposing someone to HIV if there is a) no proof that you have it, and b) no proof that you knew you had it. Which is why you have to sign a form with a doctor when they inform you that you are infected.

    Lets not be naive, they didn’t charge him with that for the hell of it! It sounds as if you’re at least familiar with him personally but we have to accept that our close friends f*ck up, too.

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