Cook County Sheriffs want erotic services eliminated

Sheriff wants Craigslist to drop ads for erotic services:

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois want craigslist to shut down their erotic services section for various reasons. Two of which are…

When a Cook County sheriff’s investigator posed as a 14-year-old girl looking for sex online earlier this year, this was one of the replies:

“I’d love to chat with you and set up some fun this afternoon. Do you have a pic of you?”


In one case, the prostitute rented one room for her business and another for her children, Mateck said. After the woman was arrested, she failed to tell police her children were staying in another room, Mateck said.

“Our officer went to the room, knocked on the door, and the woman’s 4-year-old daughter opened it,” Mateck said. “They went in and found the woman’s 2-year old son scooping water out of the toilet to drink.”

But there’s no victims right?

Cook County sheriff’s have contacted craigslist but as of the time of the article they have not received a response.

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  • Why is it when prostitution is legal in certain counties in Nevada it is such a wonderful thing? Or when people lose their shirts in legal casino gambling it’s perfectly fine? If people get drunk it is great too. Even if a person commits suicide after gambling away their life savings in a legal casino it is OK. If a minor gets drunk they punish the bar or liquor store that sold them booze. They don’t try to close every bar down. Two isolated incidents where a minor is a prostitute on craigslist the Sheriff wants to lock up every escort who posts ads on craigslist it is just a justification. The real reason is they can’t stand to see anybody standing up to the system and saying F-CK YOU with your high gas prices and high rents, we are tired of being raped by the system so we are going to be in a black market business and make big money and pay you people zero taxes. They want us to be virtual slaves to their taxes, war costs, gas prices and high rent and taxes. They have nothing better to do but bother these women and waste more tax dollars they are envious haters and hypocrites. As long as we don’t see prostitution blatantly out in the open leave them alone. Go after the people that exploit minors or use force everyone else leave them the f-ck alone!!

  • Prostitution sucks. It leaves women a shell of themselves. How about we say F-CK you to the men out there who want to pay to ejaculate in someone as young as possible. Prostitution ain’t no party, it’s gross to do 10 blow jobs a day – that’s what real prostitution is like. The craigslist escorts have pimps and if they don’t when they start out, they will after the first one shows up at their door and threatens to kill them and their family if they don’t come into his stable. What kind of ignorant creeps think craigslist prostitution is a good idea?

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