Erotic services backlash

I got an e-mail yesterday from a reader by the name of Jon. He had developed a website that basically was the craigslist vigilante posse I’ve been wanting to organize. It’s goal was to flag the obvious illegal ads in the erotic services section of craigslist.

According to Jon the site was making good progress in at least one major city that has a problem with craigslist prostitution. A large number of ads for illegal services had been removed. This is exactly the kind of thing that Jim Buckmaster himself says is supposedly happening on craigslist to curb illegal activity. What he doesn’t tell you is that flagging ads just leads to more criminal activity.

Somehow the denizens of the erotic services section were able to obtain Jon’s personal information and were able to use it into harassing Jon to take down his site.

Basically, they were calling and saying I needed to mind my own business and implied that things were just getting started. They also posted a bunch of CL ads with my phone number for free stuff at my house and used my email to sign me up for adult services online. I wasn’t too worried until they started calling my wife and using expletives and breathing heavy. I sent a complaint to CL, have not heard back from them. All the calls came in blocked, so I have no phone numbers or email for these people either. I’m sure CL could find out who posted the bogus ads, but I am not going to hold my breath that they will want to help me.

Of course not. That would cut into their revenue stream. craigslist says it makes no money off of it’s erotic services section but that’s just not true. The erotic services section brings in cubic assloads of traffic to the site and some of them are employers who use the site to post job ads which is where craigslist makes their money.

So I know that some craigslist employees read this site. How about helping Jon out with these creeps. If you contact me I’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with him and I’ll keep it confidential.

Like Jon, I’m not holding my breath either that they’ll get back to me.

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  • I have yet to hear from craigslist on anything.

  • So has craigslist ever gotten back to you to help this guy Jon find out who is stalking and harassing him? I’m a system administrator and I can tell you that they could help if they really wanted to.

  • So you’ve got nothing better to do than this, huh? 🙄 I have no problem with you having your own religious morals. Just don’t try and force them down my throat!

  • Well first of all if someone is going to bring a team of people together to flag illegal ads then do that. Flag the ILLEGAL ones I personally post my ads on there and I do nothing illegal nor do I post anything illegal in my ads yet my ads are constantly flagged down. Flag the ones who are blatantly offering illegal services in thier ads. And if you are a so called religious group doing this then why wouldn’t you be smart enough to know that what you are doing is being judgemental which is against God’s will in our lives. Who are you to cast stones? Isn’t that what He says. If you are following God’s word then you should know that He tells us not to judge others. Only HE can judge us it is NO ONE else’s place PERIOD. So if that is something you choose to do then I guess that is between you and God huh? I don’t know all I know is that I do nothing illegal and I have peple who don’t even know me judging me and deciding my fate and risking the roof I am trying to keep over my childs head and it’s not cool. Find something better to do. Chase down the drug dealers and child molestors you’ll get alot further. Go after the gangs that are out there killing people and taking innocent lives and hurting children, We are adults making our own decisions and not hurting anyone while doing it. Quit trying to ruin our lives some people who do this don’t have better options whether you wanna believe that or not. You don’t know peoples situations and why they do what they do for a living but I can gaurantee you we’re not killing anyone or hurting innocent children while doing it so I would think you have bigger fish to fry if you really wanna make a difference in the world. Hope you sleep well at night with the thought of what YOU’RE doing to innocent children who have nothting to do with the method to your madness.

  • To the vigilante posse who have taken it upon themselves to dictate how others should live their lives, I wish many curses to rain down upon your home and your loved ones. May you reap the karma that you are sowing a thousand times over, may you get into freak accidents and may you get attacked by swarms of bees, bitten by bown recluses and black widow spiders and may large trees fall upon you crushing you to death and dismemberment

    You deserve everything that the counter posse is doing to you ( glad to hear that they are fucking up Jon’ world, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and much, much more..

    so mote it b e, it is done.


  • Hey, Trenchmouth-

    You are one of the busybody “shits” whom William Burroughs so thoroughly describes in his story of the Johnsons vs. the Shits. Google it.

    You rail against what consenting adults do as “illegal”, but keep this in mind, just 45 years ago it was “illegal” for gay people to cross dress and live publicly. It was illegal for interracial couples to live together as partners. Welcome to the 21st century, goober. Come out of the dark ages. These draconian, ass backwards laws will change, too, whether you think they should or not. Your mommy may have told you that your diapers smelled of rose perfume, but the real world gives not one FUCK what you think about how others choose to live their lives. You have a lot of growing up to do and I am 100% certain that you will be forced to eat these words one day, maybe when one of your beloved relatives one day admits that they are working as escorts . Perhaps one day you’ll be forced to be a prostitute for men when you lose your job as a security job at McDonalds. Please think of me when that day comes, m’kay?

    You’d better keep an eye on SF and NY, they are decriminalizing prostitution and the rest of the country will soon follow suit. So just SUCK it up, pal. You are a totally ignorant douchebag, I bet it would kill you to know how many courtesans make a living off of men without having to sleep with them. Eat your heart out, slave. You must have a PhD in ass hattery. Your cliche assumptions about people who work in the sex industry are so off base and retarded, I suggest that you travel a bit to Europe before you go spouting off on topics that you don’t know jack shit about, you backwoods, self-righteous, trailer trash Church Lady. You’ll never do that, because you are too secure in your fear and too afraid that you might actually LEARN something. I’ll bet you’re one of these insular assholes who still refers to Asians as “oriental” and think that Italian food is ‘foreign’.

    I am always very wary of people who stand on soap boxes railing against illegality and morality…critters of your ilk usually have some very dark sekletons lurking in the closet next to grandma’s panties, hence the need to point the finger at others. Thou doth protest too much, here’s hoping that your tumble off of your soapbox is a painfully and publicly humiliating one.

    In the meantime, sweetie, I wouldn’t worry too much about acquiring an STD if I were you. You come off as such a loser with women that you’re probably nursing a chip on your shoulder because not even an STD ridden prostitute would take money to fuck you. No one would choose to stand next to such a foul person like you long enough to give you one.

    The curse of Kali still stands. I wish you luck, you’ll need it.

    You have a lovely go at a life jacking off to the Cheetah girls in your mother’s basement suggesting what others should do with theirs.



  • Oh yeah, a curse. I’m really worried about that. 🙄

    Are the underage girls that are pimped out consenting because they’re sure as hell not adults.

    How about the women that are brought her from other countries who are held against their will until they repay their ‘debtors’ through prostitution for bringing them into the country? I believe it’s called human trafficking.

    For someone who throws the word karma around a lot you don’t seem to be doing too good in that department. Have fun continuing to defend that lifestyle.

    I visit the curse of Vealchop the Mighty upon you. May your crusty used up underwear always be filled with Texas Pete’s and Ben Gay.

  • Kali, you didn’t take your meds again, you li’l devil!

    Geez! Kali, the streets must be a little safer in your town with you sitting there at your computer venting your projectionist rage!

    I’m not sure what is wrong with you, fella, but I’ll bet it’s really hard to pronounce!


  • Ad hominem, ad hominem VW….when you have something that is actually worth adding to the debate, let us know…

    I won’t hold my breath, but I suggest that you save yours( until you have someting more profound to say than “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you day bounces off of me and sticks to you, so neeeener neeeener neeeeneeer)…you’re gonna need all of that hot air to blow up your date tonight.


    ps…oh, “violence worker!” such a bad ass name! wow, you must be some kind of super hero sent to save ole trenchcoat flasher from himeself!

  • ps:

    “violence worker”, if you ARE on meds, you are not exactly the best endorsement for them, tootsie pop.

    love to love you too,


  • Nah, Kali, You wouldn’t understand the concept of the name. No superhero here, just someone who stopped by and read your red-faced outburst. Ad hominem? Son, I don’t hold a candle to you in that department. You really do have some anger issues.

    My guess is that you’ve been popped a time or two for solicitation and you are a tad bitter about it.

    Normal people discuss the pros and cons of an issue. Abnormal people regress into spittle-laden, profanity-filled diatribes. It’s no wonder you need prostitutes! No decent woman would want to be around such a Neanderthal. You’re a knuckle-dragger, pal. You ain’t hiding it well.


  • Again, still waiting for you to actually discuss the pros and cons of the issue.

    Do you even know what it is we’re discussing? Can you read without mouthing the words outloud, VW?

    Still waiting…for something more than lame ass insults.

    :crickets chirping:


  • My guess is that you’re either Trenchmouth himself, or his mommy defending him. 😀

  • Neither, my angry little friend. And discussing anything with you appears to be more than I can handle. I can tell from your comments to Trench that you will be way too reasonable and fair.

    Nope, arguing with you would be arguing with a fool. And you know what Mark Twain said about that type of endeavor.

    I’m done with ya boy, I’ve got better things to do than swap insults with the likes of you.


  • Kali,

    It seems to me you are just as self-righteous as those you accuse. While I agree you have a right somewhat to voice your opinion you come off as an arrogant douche which doesn’t make pro-prostitution movement look any better. I am not saying it shouldn’t be legal, as I think legalizing it would save a lot of women/men who are being abused right now because the system has no laws but to hurt the prostitutes who are often the victims, but this is not the place or the time to get on your soapbox. The fact of the matter is that CL has made such ads illegal and if people take their time to flag then down then so be it. You would do a lot better to start petitioning leaders and opening dialogue about the way sex affects our very lives in a positive manner instead of attempting to win flawed debates on the internet.

  • PS-

    Oh yeah, and another thing, Kali! You’re a big meanie, and, and, uh……your socks don’t match, and, uh….

    your dog stinks, too!

    so there!


    I am SOOOOO NOT Trench’s Mama Bear comin’ to defind mah boy,


  • P.S. You negated everything you initially stood for in the last 3 exchanges. You can be all for structured debate or argument bu you blew it in less than a day.

  • L, opinions are like arseholes…everyone get one and they are convinced that theirs smells better than the next persons.

    So sorry I did not hold my pinky rigid straight at the tea party!


  • After all, I obviously need your approval to survive……..

    oh ya, and FUCK YOU TOO.

  • See Kali, that’s how you leave a comment. But you can’t anymore because you’ve been banned.

    I notice how everyone has been avoiding the topic of child prostitution and human trafficking except to blame it on everyone except the criminals who are responsible.

    Oh and the erotic services section should be eliminated because last time I checked prostitution is still illegal.

  • Ive been following this one for a while, its been quite interesting.

    The gent who put up the “flag CL erotic services web site” made his information public when registering his domain. He used his work address, cell number and legal name in conjunction with his religious war against ALL ads in erotic services on CL.

    No one that i know has an issue with someone using the flagging system on CL how is designed and supposed to be used but that’s not what this gent did. He used his site to organize and flag ALL erotic services ads because he personally had a religious and moral objection to ALL erotic services posting wither they complied with the CL TOS or not. He wanted to eradicate the section, not exert pressure to get people to comply with the TOS. There’s a huge difference there.

    i don’t condone his personal harassment, no one likes to be harassed. I’m sure those ladies who were tyring to put up their ads in erotic services and were targeted didn’t like that harassment either. I can however can see how something like that would/could and apparently did happen. When you set on a crusade to removes someones lively hood it can come back to bite you on the ass. Make no mistake about this, that exactly what this gent did. He wanted to stop women from making a living.

    Sex workers of all kinds are real living breathing humans with families and people who love them, its easy for the zealots to forget that. Targeting to destroy a way someone puts food on their families table or a roof over their families heads because you personally find it objectionable to your religious feelings and doing so without the forethought to protect your own identity is on its face naive and probably more in-line with just a really dumb move. People react badly when you try to screw with their money, eliminate their lively hood and how they survive.

    You’re not solving the problem by abusing the CL flag system, by trying to remove ALL postings in the ES section. Flagging ads that were within the TOS will cause people to react, as i’m sure “Jon” has learned.

    I am not a CL advertiser, i was at one time. If it had been me that was having my ads flagged when they were well within the confines of the CL TOS there is no doubt i would have taken action. This gent was running this site out of his employers business, a car dealership in Oregon. You can bet id have been on the phone with the general manager in a heartbeat to ask him about the companies involvement in this religious crusade against CL, i might have even contacted the local sex positive media. One thing is for sure i would sit back and do nothing if it were my lively hood under attack by a religious zealot.

    This gent and his pals are not the only ones who can organize, and contrary to what many people think there is a vast network of women who are sex workers who do communicate with each other.

    Jenny DeMilo

  • Kali,

    I see that your communication skills are diminishing as time goes by so I will spare you the time spent reading this. You are posting like an idiot and I want you to go back to the somewhat logical posts that at least required brain power to refute.

    Jenny DeMilo,

    You have said some very valid points. Perhaps the scope of the flagging was in err. However, to imply he shouldn’t follow what he believes to a point is wrong. You livelihood and money will be under constant attack as long as you are living so I don’t think the fact that he may have canceled some clients holds weight. In college I couldn’t just attack classmates who cheated or took the A+ and left me the A-. As long as you are living there wil be peopel who seek your downfall or ruin. Sex based jobs may juet be easy targets for it. In essence I did enjoy ur post and hope u have fun watching the election debates.

  • In order for the ES section to be eliminated, the owners have to agree to it. Since the section brings in alot of traffic and has since 2002, its doubtful the section is going away anytime soon.

    Also, prostitution is illegal in most areas but that may change. SF and NY are considering decriminalizing prostitution. If they do, it will cause other areas to consider it, as well. The publicity surrounding escorting over the past couple years has helped it reach this point. Spitzer’s incident gave the industry a lot of publicity. There is a television show about a call girl, too, which is based on a true story. Even if that happens, though, ads will still be flagged because of misconceptions and prejudice.

    Underage girls being sold and such paints the entire industry in a very bad light. However, there are some people who are of legal age and are willing to sell their time and companionship independently. Every escort ad is not about underage girls nor posted by a pimp. There are some escorts who are college educated, have real jobs but enjoy the “hobby” on occasion.

    There is a network of women in the biz who communicate with each other all across the world. The escort industry can be somewhat of a small world and easily organized.

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