New craigslist scam targets landlords

FBI Says New Craigslist Scam Preys On Landlords:

The FBI is warning about a new real estate scam on craigslist. This time instead of targeting would be renters the scam is targeting landlords.

The scam starts out in the usual way, the landlords who place craigslist ads get poorly written responses from people who claim to be doctors from overseas or some other preposterous story.

Then eventually they try to hit up the landlords for money. In the case mentioned in the article the scammer asked for money saying he needed help getting his furniture.

This time I don’t think the scammers have thought their cunning plan all the way through. But you know eventually they’ll hit that one person with a trusting heart and take them for all their worth.

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  • I had similar scam from a man from Cameroon who wanted to fly his family to the US and purchase my home with cash. He then asked for money as he was detained in Paris airport by French police and wanted me to wire money ($300) to his lawyer for his release.

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