Felon accused of pimping out children

Man accused of running child prostitution scheme:

28-year-old convicted felon Aaron Pierre Brown of Hayward, California is accused of pimping out two teenage girls on craigslist. The girls had been in an L.A. area group home. Brown allegedly beat the girls and took explicit photos of them for the craigslist ads.

Yet some people who want to be able to pay for sex will argue that these two girls aren’t victims of prostitution.

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  • What the world fail to realize is that these girls do leave home or run away form group homes to ingage in the act of saling themselves!They think they are “In Love” and when they don’t want to play the game any more they get mad and act as if they’ve been hurt and forced to sale their bodies!They lie on there so called “pimps” so they wont get in trouble!

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