Texas craigslist kidnapping

Kidnapped girl to return to Austin Thursday:

33-year-old David Snyder of Pflugerville, Texas was arrested in New Jersey on kidnapping charges for taking a 15-year-old girl from Austin he met on craigslist to the Garden State.

The girl’s mother claimed that the pair met over craigslist and began text messaging each other. When her mother found out she took away the girl’s cell phone. However as kids are want to do the girl would use a friend’s cell phone or internet.

Snyder was arrested in Newark while the pair were trying to board a bus to New York. The girl went willingly with Snyder but due to her age it is considered kidnapping.

Snyder also has a previous arrest record for aggravated sexual assault of a child on an unrelated case.

So by craigslist’s philosophy shouldn’t Snyder’s ad, which I’m assuming he posted, have been flagged by craigslist’s legendary policing community? Oh that’s right, guys like Snyder are craigslist’s community and wouldn’t flag anything related to sex whether it’s illegal or not.

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  • “So by craigslist’s philosophy shouldn’t Snyder’s ad, which I’m assuming he posted, have been flagged by craigslist’s legendary policing community?”

    Why would it be flagged? Did he ask to meet a minor? As far as we know, he could have simply posted an ad searching for a woman and this fifteen year old girl decided to respond. Even more, the entire ‘personals’ section of Craigslist is deemed Adult only, in which you must agree that you are at least eighteen before entering. Regardless, shame on her for seeking an adult relationship and shame on him for responding to a fifteen year old girl.

  • He wouldn’t be the first guy to post an ad looking for underage girls.

  • Good comments, Trench.

    Hey, you said, “So by craigslist’s philosophy shouldn’t Snyder’s ad, which I’m assuming he posted, have been flagged by craigslist’s legendary policing community?” and “He wouldn’t be the first guy to post an ad looking for underage girls.”

    You are asserting that his ad contained something that should have been flagged. I think you must be right you always are. Post the content of his ad here so we can see how it should have obviously been flagged……..

    Or are you just talking out of your ass again?

  • Thank you for admitting that you had no basis or support for making your comment and was inventing fiction:

    “shouldn’t Snyder’s ad, which I’m assuming he posted, have been flagged”…”I’d rather talk out my ass”….than be a responsible journalist and actually have confirmed information that showed the post should have been flagged.

    You have made it clear that you completely made that up out of your own imagination to seem clever and sensational.

    Of course, real journalism does not fabricate information to create a story.

  • Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • Because I’m sure he had nothing but altruistic reasons for taking a 15-year-old girl from Texas to New Jersey.

  • Dawn – Innocent until proven guilty?? Have you spoken to his 6 year old daughter about that? He was running from a warrant on a charge of sexual assault of a child – HIS OWN CHILD!!! You’re the same chic who is on David Snyder’s MySpace page. Your daughter is also on there along with my daughter – the one he carted off to New Jersey. He is as guilty as the day is long Dawn. He is PURE WHITE TRASH and needs to go to prison for the rest of his miserable life and if it is the last thing I do, I’ll make sure he goes into the system and stays there. As for his two “helpers” (Tony and Donnie) I’ll make sure they go away for a long time too. I sure hope you aren’t related to any of those ignorant pricks. If you are, I wouldn’t admit it to anyone especially in the business you say you’re in. Guilt by association.

  • UPDATE!!!

    That scumbag, David Snyder, is being extradited back to Austin by the end of next week. Austin’s most hated man on his way back. Hey David, look out bro, Big Bubba is waitin’ on ya!!! See ya in hell, pr*ck!!!

  • Scumbag Snyder is going away for 30 years per a plea bargain reached on 4/16. It is less than what we were going to ask for in a trial (life w/o parole) but it keeps my daughter off the stand and that is all I care about. Snyder is a drain on society and is a worthless piece of crap. I would have been curious to see what kind of family he comes from since the apple never falls too far from the tree. Anyway, good news for the citizens of Austin – DAVID SNYDER IS GONE!!! If the soap drops, let it go!

  • Missy.

    You really do have my sympathies. Luckily your daughter was unharmed. I cannot say the same for my niece.

    Yes David Snyder is my stepbrother. I am a law abiding citizen Miss Missy.

    I am also the one who turned his sorry ass in for molesting his own daughter my niece.

    What kind of family did he come from? Oh I reckon about the same as anyone.

    I never in a million years would imagine the monster he is.

    He destroyed my family total utter devastation. His daughter will bear those scars forever.

    I could never imagine causing such harm to a child and I spent 3 years locked up in TYC for attempted murder of my stepfather whom I caught in the act of molesting a 6 year old David.

    Maybe that can give you some insight on the kind of family he came from. A victim who became the very monster who abused him.

    So go ahead and step the fuck off your pulpit Missy you are not the lone victim.

  • Apparently I am the victim here. Not the lone victim by far. Victims aren’t we all. I find that it’s best not to regret decisions you’ve made and not to dwell on the past too often. You learn from your mistakes and move on. I want to say that I’m a pretty average 16 year old and I regret nothing.

    To my mother, I want to say that continuing to dredge up the past does nothing for your mental health. I know about mental health more than I’d like to.

    To anyone who cares, after I got out of New Jersey and took a flight home, they put me in a mental institution for a month. I still have the nightmares. I’m on all different kinds of ‘happy’ meds now. I still like my St. John’s Wort though.

    To Dawn, I agree with you. Innocent until proven guilty. But I already know the outcome of it so there’s not much I can say on that subject. I’m sorry for taking your friend away from you. I really am. But I never lied to him about anything. Not even my age.

    To Matt, he told me the story of him being molested and he told me how he molested his daughter. I was sickened, because I was molested as well about 4 years ago. I don’t see how he could have done that to his own daughter. But, life goes on, time marches on. She’ll bear those scars forever.

    In the end, I just want to say I’m sorry to everyone. I’ve taken something away from all of you, and I am truely sorry.

  • You have nothing to be sorry for, Mary. You’ve done nothing wrong. He was the adult, and should have known better. He is the one who broke the law – not you.

    His childhood molestation means less than nothing to me. If anything, he should have been even MORE determined NOT to do to others what was done to him, because he knew the damage such actions could cause. He is exactly where he should be. In jail.

  • Don’t be sorry to me dear. He wasn’t my friend. He was my ex’s. Being roomies was forced on me &amp I lost a housing voucher because of it. And you can’t get a housing voucher in TX. Their list has been closed over 7 years.

    Did he actually tell you he was a molester? Or did he say he was wanted for molesting? Because if he told you he did it yet you went with him anyway that worries me. Please don’t ever think you can fix people like him. He should’ve been in therapy.

    Otherwise Angel’s right…you did nothing wrong &amp don’t owe anybody an apology. I hope things are well for you now.

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