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I received the following comment from someone calling themself Kali on my post about the Erotic Services Backlash

To the vigilante posse who have taken it upon themselves to dictate how others should live their lives, I wish many curses to rain down upon your home and your loved ones. May you reap the karma that you are sowing a thousand times over, may you get into freak accidents and may you get attacked by swarms of bees, bitten by bown recluses and black widow spiders and may large trees fall upon you crushing you to death and dismemberment

You deserve everything that the counter posse is doing to you ( glad to hear that they are fucking up Jon’ world, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and much, much more..

so mote it b e, it is done.


In case you don’t remember Jon had his family threatened and his personal info posted online.

What’s a matter Kali, was it cutting in to your meth money?

Personally I don’t see it as a matter of morality. What you’re doing is illegal and people like Jon are doing exactly what craigslist suggests people do and flag the ads for obvious illegal activity. Criminals should never talk about reaping what you sow, especially those in the sex trade. You’re just inviting a nasty STD on you if you don’t have one already.

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  • Wow, Lilith Babalon. What an original name. I bet I could pick 3 girls out of Hot Topic that were using that name.

    Anyways just wanted to point out that Hookers are less likley to have an STD than some dumb slut who gives it away.

    Considering your type of clientèle, the amount of time you’re on your back or knees, and the fact that no prophylactic (I know that’s a big word you may want to go look it up) is 100% effective I seriously doubt that.

  • Kali is a Hindu Goddess. She destroys demons and protects women (all women hookers included). Wouldn’t it be funny if that were a curse from the Goddess, you would be screwed.

    Anyways just wanted to point out that Hookers are less likley to have an STD than some dumb slut who gives it away. 1. There lively hood is based on sex. An STD would make it impossible to work 2. if word got out that you were passing around a disease then your client base would dry up iin a minute. 3. Hookers are smarter that dumb sluts because they know men will pay for it. If dumb sluts knew this hey would be hookers and not dumb sluts.

    May the eye of Ra watch over you and protect all from harm.

    Rev. Lilith Babalon

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