Man who solicited handyman’s daughter re-arrested

Man charged with soliciting 12-year-old through her dad:

Back in September I posted a story about a guy who responded to a craigslist ad for a handyman in Maine. The handyman posted in his ad that he was trying to feed his family. The slime who responded to his ad instead offered money to have sex with the man’s 12-year-old daughter. That slime was thankfully arrested and his name is Michael Berk.

It seems that Berk was wanted by the Secret Service for his actions and is now in their custody.

The article I linked to also gives additional details about Berk’s arrest.

Berk had offered the handyman $300 for three ‘visits’ each week with his daughter. Luckily the handyman he was expecting was replaced with a Maine State Trooper with a microphone.

When authorities searched Berk’s computer there were images of Thai children performing sexual acts from an alleged child sex tour Berk took of Thailand.

Berk was released by Maine authorities on $1000 bail. Good job there Maine.

He was arrested in Frederick County, Maryland for loitering in a motel parking lot. It was then he tripped Secret Services radar.

This is why they should give the death penalty to serial child molesters like this scumbag. God only knows how many victims this perversion of humanity has had.

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