Quotes from Craig

Craigslist’s creator says big things in store:

Just some quotes from craigslist founder Craig Newmark that I’d like to discuss…

“We’re the online equivalent to a flea market,” said Craig Newmark, Craigslist.org creator.

That’s funny, I’ve never seen a hooker at a flea market.

“We’ve operated on this notion, ‘Treat people how you would like to be treated,'” said Newmark.

So people want to be scammed and harassed then?

“There are companies that give people lip service, but we do try to follow through with that,” said Newmark. “We don’t do it perfectly, but we try.”

craigslist is the definition of lip service because that’s all anyone ever gets when someone has a problem with craigslist. Just try to get them to remove a harassing ad. It’s almost impossible.

“Remember the idea of shared values and the notion of committment.”

Why should we remember? You’ve obviously forgotten.

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