Oregon craigslist rapist on trial

Craigslist ads at center stage in Tigard rape trial:

The first craigslist rapist I ever posted about on this site was Ronald Marcus Leistiko. He would respond to ads including escort ads and rape the women who came to his house in Tigard, Oregon. One of his victims was a 14-year-old girl.

His trial for multiple counts of rape among other charges started this week.

Not surprisingly Leistiko’s slimy lawyer is trying to blame the victims. You know, the ones that were raped.

“Craigslist has taken the world’s oldest profession into the Internet age,” defense attorney Timothy Bowman told jurors Wednesday in his opening statement. “You will hear some startling evidence about the nature of advertising on Craigslist.”

Bowman said as many as 2,000 ads a day are posted by women looking for men, just on the Portland section of Craigslist.

“The competition is fierce and the enticements are alluring,” he said. “And the promises are, well, for full satisfaction and that sort of thing.”

The defense is that the sex was consensual, in the context of prostitutes being paid for their services.

While I’m constantly posting some of the exact same things that the slimy lawyer said I would never use them as excuses for rape. I don’t think the prostitutes were paid to be beaten, strangled, and raped.

Leistiko is nothing but a serial predator who purposely preyed upon these women because I’m sure in his mind he figured no one would care about them or take them seriously. I hope the jury in Oregon proves me wrong.

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