Northern Cali is craigslist crime hotspot

N. Calif. Called Craigslist Crime ‘Hotspot’:

This was an interview I did with TV station KCRA in Sacramento, California about violent crimes and craigslist. Yes, I know they call me Trent Reynolds. That’s more TV friendly than Trench. It’s not like either of those are my real name anyway so there you have it.

I thought I would be going head to head with Jim Buckmaster himself but that turned out not to be. I would have loved to have had that opportunity.

First let me brag about my one and only quote in the article…

Crimes such as stolen items for sale, offers of prostitution and money fraud are much more common. A clearing house for these crimes is found on the Web site — a site where victims can share their Craigslist horror stories.

“I see more crimes reported on the West Coast and in the Pacific Northwest. The big hotspots would be in Northern California,” site developer Trent Reynolds said.

The area is a Craigslist fan base: The site was born just down the road in San Francisco, and Northern California’s in turn use it more and are more likely to become victims.

It’s true. Violent crimes like armed robbery are more rare on craigslist than prostitution and fraud but that doesn’t make it any less of an issue. And Northern California is the epicenter of craigslist related crime since that’s where the site got its start and people have been using it longer there than anywhere else.

Now let’s hear from craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster…

According to Jim Buckmaster, CEO of Craigslist, the percentage of postings that end in significant crimes is low when compared with the legitimate use of the site.

Buckmaster claimed Craigslist is unable to track the number of crimes involving the site. He said the task would be daunting, pointing to the 50 million monthly users, 35 million listings and 12 billion monthly pageviews.

“The incidence is not zero. We’d like it be zero, but it’s not zero,” Buckmaster said.

It’s definitely not zero but like I said it’s a large enough number to cause concern yet Mr. Buckmaaster just washes his hands of it and refuses to do anything to protect his userbase.

User profiles, while not a perfect solution, would go a long way to discouraging a lot of crime on craigslist. So would eliminating the erotic services section. Two things that craigslist is not considering. So anonymous crime will continue unabated on craigslist. Eventually people will get so fed up with it they’ll move on to other sites and then the big wigs at craigslist will wonder what happened.

Again, how have they not hired me as a consultant. I’m not above selling out to the man. craigslist and its users see themselves as going against the grain but in reality they’re just another corporation hence they are ‘the man’.

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    Cause, my neighbors put a used trailer home on a plot of inherited land about 4 years ago.

    They hired a valid Engineering company to come way up here and do ALL the work for them so they could have utilities to their trailer house.

    OK, so they refused to pay the last portion of the Engineer’s bill, like it was in 3rd’s. And, they walked away from the completed job and left the ground OPEN and then the TWEEKERS finished the job themselves.

    Sure, the Engineer got a ‘Abstract of Judgment’ Lein from the Civil court and added it onto their property and it’s still on Public Records but what the TWEEKERS know is that since they are on SSI &amp SSP, there’s NO WAY any court will uphold any further action against the TWEEKERS property because it’s considered “HARDSHIP”because they are Disabled/SSI/SSP’s. SEE?

    OK, so when the Engineer’s left, leaving the ground OPEN in it’s FINAL stages of the finished product, the TWEEKERS begain THEIR OWN method of the HOOK-UP!

    They made an elaborate re-routing underground, TAPPING into ALL the local neighbors POWER, including MINE.

    That’s why for some reason my Utilities have been Very, Very high for 4 years now, and so too all the OTHER neighbors around me!

    Yes, there’s actually a Utility DETECTIVE Company that has been coming out every single day to go into the ground, tearing up concrete and climbing into the tunnels under the ground to UNCOVER these TWEEKERS elaborate system to GLEAN all their Utilities for FREE for the past 4 years.

    They grow hydroponically and COOK, so they have POWER running constantly, lights on all the time,

    funny smells, it’s CRAZY.

    Thing is, these Utility Investigators have said to some of us neighbors that “this is very, very typical of remote rural areas and TWEEKERS”.

    This is something that’s going on all over the U.S.

    Some TWEEKER that know’s about underground &amp above ground Utilities and how to re-route and TAP into other peoples Unitities &amp that includes County WATER too &amp phone, giving them EXTRA power, and FREE power to boot!

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    Oh, they have made elaborate tunnels too.

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