craigslist prostitution on South Shore

Prostitution thrives online on South Shore:

This is just an article about how craigslist prostitution has taken hold on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I just wanted to post a quote from one police officer in the article…

“For the last few years, I haven’t come across a prostitution case where (craigslist) wasn’t involved somewhere,” said Sgt. Richard Fuller of Weymouth, where police check the site two to three times a week.

I guess that self-policing by craigslist users is really on the rise.

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  • It is really sad that Craigslist has been infected by all the illegal postings. I can see why reputable companies would not want to list with them. They would be better off paying a few more $ and list some place else. I have a friend who listed a job position on It is a job board for full &amp part-time work. They only charge $59 for 30 days. They don’t have any make $1million next week listings or anything like that. The listings are straightforward and monitored. The price is a little more than Craigslist but a lot less than the bigger boards.

  • “Reputable companies” have NO place on craigslist. Craigslist is a free site for private individuals.. companies ALWAYS spam every category on CL, prostitutes stick to erotic services.. if you don’t want to read an ad by a prostitute, don’t go to that section. Unfortunately the rest of the site is clogged up by spam.

  • We live in a world completely lacking in values. When did it become okay to advertise prostitution? Here’s one for you to think about. Hookers are the drek of society. They live on the edge and invite danger to their very doorsteps. Ever noticed how many serial killers love to target tramps? I consider it culling the herd. That’s right. I have no sympathy for them, I don’t consider the violent death of one a tragedy but more the result of an invitation. There is nothing pretty or attractive about a loser who sells her body, there is even less attractive about some slob who has to pay for it. That being said, why would any law abiding, respectable human being of any gender think it would be okay to legally advertise the crap on a public web site. If craigslist wants to sell prostitution, and god knows whatever else they’re into, make the slobs like you who think it’s okay pay to see it, not leave it an open link any kid can click on. I care about my kids. You should start giving a shit about yours.

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