craigslist announces bold new security measures

No sooner did I post my previous post about Craigslist big announcement did I see this post by Jim Buckmaster on craigslist’s official blog.

craigslist is taking huge steps to eliminating crime on its sites.

First off craigslist is suing 14 companies whose service and software are geared towards circumventing craigslist’s existing security measures such as needing a working phone number to place an erotic services ad.

Speaking of erotic services, those ads will now require not only credit card verification but also a small fee with 100% of that money donated to charity.

They have also entered into a new partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help put a stop to the exploitation of children.

You can read the entire press release at the link I posted above.

Is this the end of crime on craigslist? Is this the end of this section of the site? Um…no.

While I applaud the efforts that craigslist is going to they still refuse to eliminate the erotic services section altogether.

While the measures they are putting in place are admirable but still can be circumvented. How many of the new ads will be placed with stolen credit cards?

This is a huge step to eliminating crime on craigslist but unfortunately it is still not enough.

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  • Not to mention ANONYMOUS credit cards, those things that McCain ragged on Obama for accepting donations from. Craigslist is blowing smoke in society’s face, and the new data mining means next to nothing. Only active policing by someone with the authority to take down ads would make even the slightest difference. But nonetheless it’s an excellent PR dodge for CL.

  • You’re absolutely correct Vega. Mostly PR and I wonder what charity they’re donating the money too.

  • They need to donate it to one that actually does something to assist ending prostitues There are several great orgs that in fact work with woman to help them change their lives..

    Silly Ann Arundle Co Maryland thinks that this is all because of their crack down here in MD after catching severfal using CL to bring in tricks to the local Airport Hotel


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