Reader employment scam

I received the following e-mail from reader Diana about an employment scam…

I have been looking for work on Craig’s List. Very successful and that is why I keep looking. Back in April when I found myself unemployed, I spend many hours sending out my resume to posted jobs. It all started with one posting where they were going to pay $25 and hour for a job that I have been doing and getting paid $15. What a deal I thought! I replied, sent my resume to receive a reply that the job had been filled, however, here is another opportunity for me. I had to qualify and fill in the questions below. I happily did and got a reply back that I was accepted and this is my assignment. They would send me a check for couple thousand dollars, you take your 10% commission and send the rest back by Western Union. Once I received the money order/cashiers check/business check, I called the bank listed on it to find out it was a fraud account. If I could cash all the bogus checks I have received while doing this money scam for fun, I could retire. It is a shame that so many people take ads like this and think they are real, but then in the end, they are out thousands of dollars for a moment of greed. Yes, they have figured out how to pull a scam even through the job search sections. Such a shame. Job hunter beware.

Which leads me to believe that paid ads are not the be all and end all to security that craigslist thinks they are.

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