craigslist gets BBB’s lowest rating

Craigslist tops BBB warning list:

One of the Indiana chapters of the Better Business Bureau just gave a ratings smackdown to our favorite online classifieds.

“Craigslist has the BBB’s lowest rating, because they are not responding, not taking care of their customers,” said BBB President Linda Carmondy.

The site has set it up to protect their interests, but not necessarily the customers.

I get a lot of e-mails where people say they contacted craigslist about their issue and never heard back. That’s more of the rule than the exception.

Eventually craigslist will degenerate into nothing but blithering idiots posting in the rants and raves section, stolen merchandise, and of course prostitution. If craigslist doesn’t do anything to correct the problems they may not have any legitimate users in the future.

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  • Eventually?

    Really this has already happened. I was such a fan for so long. We started a business on CL, right after 9.11, in NYC! What happened? These scammers have really gotten out of hand.

    BTW, I do find them really responsive on the help discussion board…

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