Reader sends in another tutor scam

I received the following e-mail from reader Krysta who encountered the old tutor scam…

This guy’s emails were extremely fishy with some odd details. I looked up reports on tutor scams on craigslist and found them very similar to the ones already reported. Then I asked myself what is a UN peacekeeper doing in Eastern Oregon? Here is the scam:

“I am pleased with whatever arrangement you could have made now concerning the hours to be having him the tutorial.Is name is Mike and he speaks danish and alil bit english language but not fluently.Okay according to the distances i think i will inform the nanny about it and she can be bringing him to you for the lesson wherever you have been choosing to be comfortable for you ,and this will bring him closer to your family and emulate a good morales from them.I would like to you get prepared starting with him by the middle of the month and i think that will be sometimes next two week.But as a teen tutor you should realize a better time table and housr to be taking kids and will be welcome with me.Nevermind,i will be making a payment of a month for this calaculated three hours every week,i guess it would be a cost fee of $720 by my own calaculation here and would like to make this payment out to you in a check,such that i will not finish with the money cos we have just been paid our royalties.i worked under the united nation as a peace keeping force. while i have lil time to visit home this time around while mike has been staying with his grandma before i finally take him to a nanny.Furthermore,i may required you not to recommend Fridays though, because all children have the concept of “Its friday, no more school!” and tend to have a hard time concentrating on fridays. And i would want you to give me a weekly reports and send me copies of your lesson plans for each lesson before or after the time of the lesson through the nanny.Nevertheless, I have also attached a picture of my son Mike with the nanny so that you will know how she and mike looks when you set to meet.I wish i have make myself cleared to you now and hoping you will take up this offer , Because i have made contacts with my son concerning the arrangement of the tutoring which he told me is ok by him because i always want the best for my son in life.i will be looking forward to hearing from you again.i would await the your information, so i can proceed on the payment asap.

kindest regard,

Mike Snr.”

I guess Eastern Oregon has a problem with Somali pirates or something. ‘Is name is Mike’? Wow. This guy wasn’t even trying.

Good morales? Pedro Morales? The first triple crown WWF title holder?

I’m curious to know if he actually included a picture of Mike Jnr. and what the picture looked like.

I guess he was waiting for the response before setting up his proposed victim for the fake check scam. Luckily Krysta was smart enough to do her research.

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