Woman who hired accused baby sitter speaks out

St. Paul woman says she unknowingly hired pornographer to babysit:

This is an article about a woman who hired craigslist baby sitter/child pornographer Aaron Lemon. Luckily it appears that her child was unharmed but I want to discuss some quotes from the article.

She said she interviewed him at length and watched him care for her children twice in her home before hiring him.

“I really never saw any red flags at all,” Bang said.

That’s the problem. You won’t.

It seems obvious that Lemon had his ‘skill’ finely honed.

The woman said that she was desperate for a baby sitter so she turned to craigslist. I wouldn’t personally trust someone from craigslist to baby sit a slug. They’d probably molest the slug.

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  • its not just craigslist awoman in sauk rapids charged with having child porn has been working for journey home daycare. and has not been fired!!!

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