Buckmaster: No amount of criminal activity is acceptable

Craigslist gets strict on erotic listings:

This is another article about the alleged craigslist crackdown on prostitution.

One of the problems with craigslist that it shows that the people who are flagging the ads in the erotic services section are competing ‘escorts’. How’s that user policing working out?

The other thing is yet another quote from craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster and his alleged disdain for criminal activity…

Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster said preventing site misuse and improving public safety is the company’s highest priority.

“The incidence of crime on Craigslist is actually exceedingly low, considering the tens of millions of legitimate ads posted each month by well-intentioned users,” Buckmaster said. “But no amount of criminal activity is acceptable, and as Craigslist has grown, we have become aware of instances where our free services were being misused to facilitate illegal activities.”

You’ve become aware? That sounds like you’ve just found out about it. I know someone who has been following the criminal activity on your site for almost 3 years. And if the crime on craigslist is so unacceptable why haven’t you taken any real measures to curb it?

Just more lip service.

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  • Jim Buckmaster is all talk and no action. Craigslist has infintely too many CROOKS due to a weak system monitored by a miniscule number of employees. Quite frankly, they do not give a damn! Stolen identities are being used as I write to buy revenue tickets on Southwest Airlines. Because Southwest has instant (lenient) approval for credit cards with little or no identity vetting, the tickets are resold on Craigslist as credits (good on SWA for 100% for one year).. Months later the the “INNOCENT VICTIM” gets a bill back from SWA for 100% of the fraudulent purchase from the original CROOK, probably some guy in a third world country. SWA threatens collection agencies if the victim does not pay. SWA accepts ZERO responsiblity for their flaws. FreeSpeechStore.com has many documentations of such scams as some elaborate and transparent, i.e. Alex Reza of Austin, Texas..http://freespeechstore.com/Qresults.asp?record=5180

    Sam Akers

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