Mr. Do arrested in craigslist sting

Police nab Reston man in online child sex sting:

Police in Fairfax, Virginia have arrested Bao Duc Do of Reston, Va. for responding to a craigslist ad that was placed by Fairfax police. The problem with that is that the advertisement was an ad Fairfax police were using in a sting to flush out sexual predators.

The phony ad hinted that a man was willing to rent out his juvenile daughters for sex. When Mr. Do responded to the ad he discussed prices and terms with the ‘father’ of the girls. He negotiated a price of $150/hr. for an 11-year-old girl. When he was arrested at the pre-arranged meeting place he had $800 on him so he was planning on at least 5 hours with the girl.

What I’d like to know is how did the police department’s ad even make it on to craigslist. I thought craigslist users are supposed to flag any ad that may be for illegal activity. Again I ask how’s that working out?

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