Another craigslist Moneygram scam

Eagle-eyed reader Shayda has sent in another craigslist scam involving Moneygram, a real consulting firm, and the old fake check scam. Here’s the e-mail…




Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009, 12:12 PM

Dear Applicant,

Positions for the study you applied for from Craigslist is full, but we have another survey at the moment that pays the same ($100 Per survey). Only limited candidates are needed for this survey so kindly go through the survey information below and get back to us if you are interested in participating.

We are PRM CONSULTING LLC a dynamic organization , a development and management Consulting firm involved in helping companies achieve market leadership and Improving connections between professional service firms and their clients.

Our company is currently conducting a survey on MoneyGram International to help measure and improve effectiveness of the services they provide to the general public. This is as a result of complaints from some of MoneyGram reliable customers about the behavior and orderliness of most MoneyGram outlets.

The survey involves you visiting a MoneyGram Outlet in your area and patronize the services they render as a customer, then give us feedback on your overall customer experience with them by filling a simple online questionnaire. A check to cover all expenses needed to conduct this survey will be mailed to you via Fed EX.

Each survey takes a maximum of 1Hr to complete and you will be paid $100 for every survey completed. No Sales Involved

and this will not inconvenience your present occupation.

If you are interested in participating, please send us a reply with the following information in the below sequence.

Full Names:

Mailing Address(P.O. Box not allowed):

City / State / Zip Code:

Home Phone / Cell Phone:

Email Address:

Age / Sex:

Present Occupation:

We shall get back to you after receiving this information to confirm your participation in the survey.

Yours faithfully,


Marketing and Research Coordinator


Menomonie, WI 54751

Last time there appeared to be some confusion so let me make this perfectly clear. IF YOU’VE RESPONDED TO THIS E-MAIL AND THEY SENT YOU A CHECK DO NOT CASH IT. THIS IS A SCAM. If you deposit the fake check you’ll be responsible for paying the bank back.

Now let me tell you why I know this is a scam once again.

A. It almost identically matches this scam e-mail word for word.

B. Anything involving Moneygram on craigslist is usually a scam.

C. PRM CONSULTING LLC is a real company but they DO NOThave an office in Menomonie, WI.

D. I doubt someone from a large consulting firm like would use an earthlink e-mail address.

Again, do not cash the checks or take them to Moneygram. They are fakes. If you receive one report it to law enforcement.

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  • Thanks for posting this, i’ve been part of a few surveys and focus groups off craigslists that were legit conuslting firms. I figured this was just another one. Craigslist surfers beware – this one almost got me by posting a focus group add for alcoholic beverage consumer focus group, was told focus group was full but this survey was available. Glad i decided to search this one more time before sending in for the check!

  • almost scammed is right, focus group is legit just that this prm consultant using focus group name to lured in victim, what a shame so craigslist surfer be aware

  • I applied for this, and then noticed a typo in their e-mail, so I googled the name of the company. I just got one of the checks (didn’t cash it) – who should I contact so that this “company” will stop scamming people?

  • I applied for this, and then noticed a typo in their e-mail, so I googled the name of the company. I just got one of the checks (didn’t cash it) – who should I contact so that this “company” will stop scamming people?

  • Elisa,

    I think I know someone who has fallen victim to this same scam. They have been contacting the various organizations about this but if this is the same scam you may be able to help provide them with more information. Please contact me at I can send you all the information that was sent to her etc. and if it’s the same person perhaps you would be willing to help.


  • Does this sound like a scam to anyone??? I did research on the guy I’m doing this with and he’s a a legitimate artist but I’ve heard so many things about moneygram scams I just want to be safe. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD HELP!!!!. It seems like the thing these scams have in common is fony checks that make you pay the bank back, is there anyway to see if the checks are legit.


    How are you doing Am sorry am just sending you mail today i travel out of Australia so am back now, I want you to know that the Payment will delivered to you today by Ups Express . Once you get the Payment. Take the payment to your bank and get it cash and once you have get the payment cash deduct your monthly salary that we agreed on as a monthly payment then take the rest of the money to a Money gram office and send it to my supplier at this details:

    Email me the details of the transfer as soon as the money is sent. I will need the Reference Number with the total amount send to my supplier will receive after the transfer fees is deducted from the money. When the supplier gets the money, they will ship the products(Art materials) to you. I will pick the materials up from you when return back to the states. I want to meet up with you and talk about this job in person. How do you feel about meeting? What is the closest coffee shop to you?

    Please go ahead and get this done. Email me the details of the transfer as soon as it is complete. I will be on the look out for your email to confirm that the money has been sent to my supplier. And here is the following transfer details needed.

    Sender Name:

    Reference Number 8 digit number :

    Amount Sent:

    Text Question

    Text Answer

    Money Gram Charges

  • Yes, that sounds exactly like a scam.

  • I have been talking to someone named Simon Carr and he says he’s out of Australia. He says I will make $500 weekly being his Personal Assistant. He doesn’t have a home where I live and will do everything by mail. He wants me to get the check he is sending me via UPS and take my weekly pay out and then money gram the remaining money to an orphanage in California. Also to send him the Reference number and how much was spent and the name and address of who sent it out. Sounds really weird??


    Dear Survey Agent,

    You will be evaluating any Wal-mart store and one Money Gram outlets of your choice in your City.You will be getting the money orders for the survey today via Ups Express,Kindly stay around and sign for the delivery.As soon as you get the money orders,have the money orders cashed at your Bank, then you can go ahead with the Evaluations. The Payment you have just received covers all expenditures including evaluation, shopping, transport and your compensation (Salary=$300.00) for this survey. You are to purchase Goods of your Choice for your own Use at any Wal-mart store in your City which you are evaluating , spending not more than a $50.00 dollars altogether, you will also be using $20.00 for transportation . Also as regards Money gram, we will be using our company feed-back mechanism therefore you will be sending funds through Money Gram outlets in your City, back to Us.

    As soon as you have the money orders cashed in your bank, you will deduct all the above sum which is $300+$50+$20+money gram transfer charge and you will have the remaining fund sent in the money gram outlet you are evaluating.Below is the information which you’ll transfer the Money Gram Transaction to:

    NAME: Ray Belcher

    ADDRESS: 2492 Jerusalem avenue

    CITY: Bellmore


    ZIP CODE: 11710

    after your Evaluation ensure that you send to us (via Email) the reference codes (8 Digit #) given at the Money Gram after your transaction and the Wal-mart receipt #.


    Salary ………………$300


    Transportation ……$20

    Money Gram Transfer costs……….. Amount Charged

    Please remember what we are really after are the lines of question stated below, those are guidelines that you will lookout for during your visits to Wal-Mart and Money Gram.


    -How long it took you to get services.

    -Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet

    -Smartness of the attendant

    -Customer service professionalism

    -Reaction of personally under pressure

    -Information that you think would be helpful

    -Your comments and impressions.

    -Your personal opinion

    We are Counting on you, and expect a detailed report.

    Thank you.

    The Survey Team.

    Is this a scam? i really hope not cause i was so excited to get some money! 😥

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