Michigan AG says craigslist doesn’t do enough to protect kids

Officials: Craigslist doesn’t protect kids:

I’m torn on how I feel about Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. On the one hand he was one of only 10 AGs who didn’t sign the agreement with craigslist about their new safeguards to prevent illegal activity in the erotic services section. He’s also a heavy critic of craigslist having no links to law enforcement websites if their users need to report a crime. On those fronts he has my utmost respect.

But like I’ve said repeatedly, Attorneys General won’t criticize parents because parents are the voters.

My advice to parents about craigslist is the same about MySpace, educate yourself about your kids’ internet use. Know what sites they frequent.

I do have to add that of course no one from craigslist responded to AG Cox’s office or the Detroit News. Typical for craigslist.

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  • I like Mike Cox. I had actually hoped he would become the Attorney General under Obama.

  • Our AG is….usually on the ball (except when he dropped it on the Manoogian Mansion party.) I will say, he beats the crap out of our old AG…of course, she’s now our Governor. ::::deep sigh:::

    A – he never would be the USAG under Obama – Cox is a Republican.

  • While it would have been unlikely for Obama to pick a Republican AG, it still would have been possible for him to be chosen still nonetheless.

    So much for Washington bipartisanship.

  • This is where I become non-partisan because I’ve blasted Dem AG’s for not telling parents to be more responsible as well.

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