Buckmaster responds to lawsuit

“Now Comes Thomas Dart…”:

Jim Buckmaster, CEO of craigslist, has responded to the Cook County Sheriff’s lawsuit on the official craigslist blog. He calls the suit not well founded in law then touts the ‘virtues’ of craigslist as it relates to their crime stopping abilities.

craigslist is an extremely unwise choice for those intent on committing crimes, since an electronic trail is inevitably created that law enforcement officers can follow. We pride ourselves on the prompt and valuable assistance we provide to police departments and federal authorities nationwide.

While the choice is unwise it’s not uncommon as evidenced by the stories on this site. And that’s great that you provide such assistance to law enforcement but between the prostitution, scams, and stolen goods posted to craigslist law enforcement could use a special branch just for craigslist related crimes.

While the lawsuit may be unsuccessful this will bring down a heap of bad publicity on craigslist. While you may be able to defend the erotic services section to the tech journalists it won’t fly in all of America.

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