More comments from craigslist CEO on lawsuit

Craigslist to sheriff: Federal law protects site:

Is it me or does craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster look like a soap opera villain.

Anyway he had this to say about the lawsuit filed against craigslist by the Cook County Sheriffs…

“As our counsel explained to Sheriff Dart’s Department in 2007,” Buckmaster wrote. “Craigslist cannot be held liable, as a matter of clear federal law, for content submitted to the site by our users…Frankly, Sheriff Dart’s actions mystify me.”

However it can be argued that the erotic services section is purely for illegal services. I mean how many erotic services are actually legal and not just a front for prostitution?

Even if the law is on his side as Mr. Buckmaster claims you would think he would have a moral responsibility to do away with the erotic services section. I know, bringing up morality and personal responsibility in this day and age is almost pointless. But just think of how much human trafficking and child prostitution is facilitated through craigslist on a daily basis. You would think that would eat away at Mr. Buckmaster’s conscience but alas that is obviously not the case. Buckmaster actually thinks he’s part of the solution…

“We assist police forces all over the country, including members of Sheriff Dart’s department. The vast majority seem to understand that Craigslist is part of the solution when it comes to combating terrible crimes like human trafficking and child exploitation.”

Never mind the fact that human trafficking and child exploitation are on the rise because of not only the anonymity that craigslist allows its users but also because of the ease that one can find these illegal services on craigslist.

What I want to know is what is the real reason that Mr. Buckmaster refuses to shut down the erotic services section?

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