Asperger’s defense rejected in craigslist murder case

Asperger’s diagnosis is rejected in Craigslist trial:

Previously I posted about how the attorney for Michael John Anderson were trying to use Asperger’s for his client’s defense and how having Asperger’s is like being Mr. Spock.

Luckily the judge overseeing proceedings rejected the defense.

District Judge Mary Theisen ruled that the defense’s argument was insufficient to show that the Aspergers disorder diagnosed by defense psychiatrists had anything to do with the death. Further, she said, such testimony might invite jurors to speculate that he had diminished mental capacity or responsibility, a defense “not recognized in Minnesota.”

As you’ll recall Anderson is accused of placing a craigslist ad advertising a nanny job. When Katherine Ann Olson responded to the ad Anderson allegedly shot and killed her then tried to hide her body.

In the judge’s decision she also pointed out that Anderson was never diagnosed with Asperger’s or anything else for that matter.

This is just another case where Asperger’s is becoming the trendy criminal defense among lawyers. As discussed before Asperger’s does not cause people to kill and these defenses could unfairly start branding Asperger’s patients as ticking time bombs.

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