More testimony in Minn. craigslist murder trial

I have to specify now because there’s been another craigslist murder but more on that later…

Accused Craigslist killer’s mom: ‘He’s quiet’:

Micheal John Anderson’s mother, Barbara Anderson, testified to her son’s unemotional behavior.

“He’s quiet. He really doesn’t talk much,” Barbara Anderson said under questioning from Chief Deputy Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar. She said he little to say, “same as always,” when he returned home from work at the airport hours after allegedly killing Olson and nonchalantly asked her to wash his jacket, saying he had spilled jet fuel on it.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? It sounds like the old stories of people who lived next to serial killers who would say of their neighbor “He was always the shy, quiet type.” If I’m not mistaken isn’t that kind of detached behavior a sign of a sociopath?

The defense also tried bolstering their theory that Anderson just wanted to meet a girl by having Mrs. Anderson testify that two of Anderson’s siblings met their significant over the internet. You know there are other sites for that even an entire other section of craigslist for that as well.

The prosecution presented the letter that Anderson sent his father to allegedly offer someone $30K to take the fall for him. Law enforcement officers also testified to Anderson’s responses during questioning about Katherine Ann Olson’s murder.

“Are you a witness to this?” Nawrocki asked.

“Yep.” Anderson responded, tossing his hat onto the table. “A friend of mine thought it would be funny.”

I still don’t see how anyone could possibly argue that this was nothing more than a thrill kill.

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