craigslist employee testifies in murder trial

Family, judge appear upset by Craigslist murder victim photos:

According to a customer service manager, whatever that is, for craigslist testified in the murder trial of Michael John Anderson. As you probably know Anderson is on trial for shooting and killing Katherine Ann Olson after luring her to his house using a fake job ad on craigslist.

The defense has contended that the shooting was accidental and that Anderson was using these phony job ads as a stupid way to meet women. However it seems that Anderson did know how to use the more common sections on craigslist that men use to find women…

But an ad posted three days before Olson was killed, sought a “no strings attached” relationship. Another advertised for “fresh faces for new video and adult web sites.” Still another said: “Looks and size don’t mean a lot to me. I’m not a little man, but not huge either.”

Maybe Anderson was frustrated at not being able to land a date and decided to take his frustrations out on someone who answered his phony job ads. Unfortunately the person that did was Katherine Ann Olson.

I’m still waiting to hear how the defense plans to explain that the shooting was accidental.

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