Former inmate testifies in craigslist murder trial

Former inmate in jail with Craigslist suspect testifies:

21-year-old Joshua Young spent time in jail with Katherine Ann Olson’s alleged killer, Michael John Anderson. When he asked Anderson why he did it Young said “he wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.”

The defense immediately objected to this statement claiming that what Anderson actually said was “I wanted to know what it felt like.” The defense contends that Anderson was talking about sex.

Something the jury didn’t hear was a story about how Anderson crapped on another inmate’s food tray as a ‘practical joke’. Instead what the jury heard is that Anderson played practical jokes in jail.

If I was in jail on a murder charge I don’t think I would be playing practical jokes. Not only does it show that he’s not taking any of this seriously but it could get him hurt.

Young said he has made no deal in exchange for his testimony.

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